A bass, a baby guitar and a mandolin, that’s all it takes. And three wonderful voices, of course. And good songs, a keen musical ear, talent, fun and a love for the music of musical giants like The Louvin Brothers, Buck Owens, Lefty Frizzell, Bonnie Raitt, James Taylor, Gillian Welch, Nick Lowe, Neil Sedaka, George Baker, The Rubettes…

Quite a list. Too eclectic for you? Not for the Three Guys. They play it all, with heart and soul. Their three-part harmony magic makes sinners into saints and vice versa. No kidding. It’s true. Every song is 100% JOE and will rock, grab or enchant you.

Not yet convinced? Just come and listen to Three Guys Named JOE and enjoy the wonderful music of this Amsterdam trio.

‘Three guys named Joe’ is:

Jan Hovers:               double bass, bass guitar, voice
Onno Voorhoeve:    baby guitar, voice
Eus Menagé:            mandolin, guitar, voice

We regret to inform you that we have decided to call time of death on Three Guys Named Joe. After the presentation of our recently released album we have come to realise that our musical ambitions and plans no longer overlap. The creative differences with which we are faced appear to be irreconcilable. That’s why we have decided to close the curtain on all our activities. We would like to thank you for your support and positive response to our music throughout these past few years. It’s been a wonderful experience.
We hope to see all of you in the future!
With warm musical regards,
Jan, Onno, and Eus