2015 Akoestival-219

Eus Menagé was born in Roermond, the Netherlands. He started playing guitar when he was fifteen years old. He likes to play any kind of music. From his 18th Eus has been active in numerous bands, including The Blue Tomatoes (Blues), The Blazing Aces (Rock & Roll), Honey Bop (rockabilly) and PB & The Night Train (Rhythm & Blues, Soul). Several times he went on tour with sixties icon Georgie Fame (Yeah, Yeah)! “Three guys named Joe” is for him a reunion with his old childhood love: vocal harmonies!

Marcel Peereboom Voller started his first band at the age of thirteen. First love: the drums. Second: vocals in perfect harmony. Or the other way around. The self-taught drummer/singer made his way through puberty and worldwide ignored iconic bands like ‘Desperado’ and ‘Caesar’. Marcel expanded his musical horizons as a member of ‘Herman & Ik’ (Dutch pop/rock), ‘South of Wherever’ (country/Americana) and the nine piece soulband ‘Souled Out & the Trouble Horns’. With the latter he toured most of Europe and after 30 years this band is still performing today. ‘Joe’ however is a dream come true; not singing from behind the drumkit, but shoulder to shoulder with the other Joe’s. In perfect harmony, ofcourse..

Jan Hovers was born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. From the age of 18 he was active in numerous bands with various styles: from New Wave to Symphonic rock, from ska to soul, from country to rock&roll. But whatever music this self-taught musician has faced, the sound of the Beatles remained his inspiration throughout. His first solo album was released in August 2022.Today he enjoys especially the polyphonic vocals of “Three guys named Joe”.